I hv uploaded an updated page on the web server of the site which i m designing.Bt I can't view the updated page whn I open that page through url.It shows the old page.Whn I open my ftp server n thn open the page it shows me the updated page.Whts this problem?

Plz guide me.

Thankx & Regards,

Not sure what the problem is exactly, but I've had a similar issue with some of my ASP pages over the last few years. Here are the steps that have worked for me.
1. Clear your browser history and Cache.
2. Hold the control key on you keyboard, while clicking the refresh button in your browser (This should work on all PC browsers, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, and perhaps someone else can fill us in on how to do this on a Mac...)
3. Try a totally different browser if you have one installed.
4. Make sure you have a backup copy of the page somewhere, then delete the copy on the server. Try to navigate to the page with your web browser. You should get a 404 not found error. If not, try the steps above until you do. Then re-upload the updated page.

Hope this helps..