OK, so the title was the draw. Maybe a simple fix, but I am not real happy with the whole thing, so I am having a hard time seeing the light.

I have a dell inspiron 6400 / E1505 laptop. Bought it earlier this year with the dual core 1.8ghz processor(s) 2gb mem 160gb hd geforce7300 video, etc.

I am trying to play Ghost Recon 2 Advanced Warfighter and it is complaining about the processor speed not being 2ghz or better.

Is it the game that doesn't fully utilize the dual core? Is there a fix for this?

I contact dell about upgrading and you basically cant upgrade anything on your laptop except memory and HD and maybe install wireless, etc.

So, I need to figure out what to do with this laptop to make it work or sell it off.

I also tried to get them to swap me XP for Vista (vista sucks IMHO) - no go there either. After numerous sessions in trying to get them to upgrade something for me and help out, i finally got an answer that they would refund the laptop and i could buy another one with XP. Anyway, that is all off topic......I digress.

Can anyone send me in the right direction to get GR2 up and running on the dual core 1.8ghz vice going out and getting a 2ghz machine?

Thanks in advance!


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does it not let you play at all? or does it just complain?

Hi, sum1 can shoot me down in flames, but the way I understand it, a 1.8ghz dual core porcessor is just that, 2 x 1.8ghz processors. This does not give you anything more than 1.8ghz clock speed, no matter what Microsloth says. The purpose of dual core processors is to load share, not up processor clock speed. if your game requires 2ghz, dual core 1.8ghz won'y cut it, no matter how you tweak.

no but yeah

my P4-HT 3.0ghz gets its ass kicked by a 2.6ghz Core2Duo

my P4-HT 3.0ghz gets its ass kicked by a 2.6ghz Core2Duo

1. dual core processing processes twice as much even at slower rates. so you have 2.6x2, but it's NOT 5.2.
2. CoreX processors have much more fault tolerance because they are designed for that, and not for clock speeds. they emit less heat and they are somewhat redundant. that means less cycles wasted on reprocessing than in P4 CPUs

yeah Core2s are just a lot more efficient

It plays the game but it very glitchy. I have been looking online and it seems the best course of action is to switch to XP or dual boot and try it out on the XP OS. Lots of known issues right now with Vista that nobody is trying to fix. Any other ideas?


Graw runs okay on medium/high settings on my dads pc, xp sp2, pentium 4 3ghz, 1gb ram, radeon x800.

I think your intergrated geforce7300 is the reason for the glitchienss, myself

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