Hi all,

I have a Usb Flash Drive Cruzer Micro 1.0 GB from Sandisk
(which should be plug and play) which isnot recognized
in my Windows XP Home SP2 PC.

i have allready tried MANY things like :

1) Upgrading XP to the latest version SP2 etc.
2) Flashed my BIOS (which did go ok)
3) Studied USBMAN.com advices,
4) etc etc.

BUt still that thing says "You Look it but :)"

Possible problem area's are IRQ conflicts of USB ports.
2 unknow devices in device manager.

I do have a seperate PCI- USB card installed (with software)
and other devices (like a external HDD) do work OK through
that card.

If you need more info I will give that (but i am not home a few days so answer may take some time)

Thanks in advance

O yes i contacted Sandisk today. (but no reply yet)

Good Luck


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Did you ever find a solution? My laptop stopped recognizing flash drives, but recognizes other USB devices.

My USB Webcam becomes unrecognized after a week or 2 and then I need to plug it into another USB port. All other devices work. Sometimes the port starts working again. Anyone have any ideas?

I had problems once like this, apparently my HDD was going bad and it had corrupted the registry. So USB flash drives stopped working in that computer. It would say that it was installed and ready to be accessed but it did not show as a drive in my computer. I was able to look at the data but only by right clicking on my computer, going to manage --> disk management, I could see the drive there but it had no drive letter assigned. So I assined a letter and then right clicked on the drive and then went to explore. I had to get a new HDD eventually.

try this.
Right click on my computer and click manage and then select disk management.Choose your USB drive and delete the partition and format it as FAT.

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