Apparently the 30th edition of the Collins English Dictionary will be seen, in fact as far as Bebo users are concerned it could even be fiend. Whether it is piff or naff is something only you can decide, and should you happen not to be a teenage Bebo user the chances are you will think it grim and be seen as a hater by the Bebo brethren.

What the heck am I talking about? The new language of modern British youth, apparently. It would seem that the publishers of the Collins English Dictionary, HarperCollins, has looked to the popular social network Bebo in order to track down the most popular slang being employed in daily use by the teens of Great Britain.

It got a group of teens to produce a shortlist of slang words which can be voted for by the 10 million or so users of Bebo to decide which should be included later this year in the 30th edition of the dictionary. HarperCollins researchers will then have the final say, after doing some additional research into the background of those words, as to whether they should be published in the dictionary or not.

The teenage panel decided that the following 10 words were the most commonly used and appropriate for voting:

  • seen = cool
  • fiend = addictive
  • piff = good
  • naff = embarrassing
  • grim = disgusting
  • stunting = showing off
  • bruv = mate
  • mugged = taking the mickey
  • pinky = £50 note
  • hater = negative person

I am led to believe that around 15,000 teens have voted on their choice so far. Presumably the rest are too busy sending naked photos of themselves to other teens online.