My website is ranked 36,000 on Alexa, but a dismal 160,000 on Quantcast. Quantcast claims that you can boost your ranking by signing up with them and inserting a javascript snippet into each page on your site. I quick checked a few popular websites to see if they had the Quantcast code and surprisingly they all did (, Does anyone know if this code actually improves your ranking, and whether or not a high ranking on Quantcast actually holds any weight?


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I can see that including their JavaScript would give much more accurate results, as they'd be able to include all of your traffic as opposed to just a small guestimate.

However, I'm shocked to know that Digg includes Quantcast's code unless they're in some sort of partnership together. I don't know who really goes by Quantcast.

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Advertisers, including a growing list of blue chip firms, are using Quantcast to evaluate their web placements on sites. It is like comScore in that they use a panel. It is unique in that they can validate your site audience data when you "Quantify." For large sites (such as all of Time Inc, for example) this is a solution to being undercounted by Neilsen and comScore. For the "Long Tail" small sites which is not even on the panel-based radar screens of comscore MediaMetrix, this is an opportunity to get accurate demographics that agencies and advertisers can believe in.

My suggestion: since you have complete control over what you show to the public, there is no risk in Quantifying. After a few weeks, compare your site analytics to Quantcast. I would be surprised if it didn't offer you a great path to selling more advertising on your sites.

Kevin Mannion
Sky Road Consulting
(Full disclosure: Quantcast is a client)

I know that Quantcast has done some changes in the past year since this post was orignally posted. I wonder if any members who use Quantcast noticed any improvements or differences in their quants?

Well I noticed that the longer I have it the more data becomes available. However as far as rank is concerned, my pr jumped from 0 -2, alexa from 9m to 3m, quantcast remained the same rank, 1.5m. I dont want to attribute the other two improvements as an effect of having the script, but Im too scared to take it out to test it.

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