are there any merchant accounts out there as simple to use as Yahoo's? I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Yahoo's services. I've been using them for a year or so now.

It's funny, because at first I was not to excited about yahoo.... but the more I learn about web design, SEO, e-commerce in general, the more I really like them.

The reason I ask though is because I recetly created a website that sells only one Keyboard. that is the ONLY product. I don't plan to add anything to that site.

Since it only has the one product I currently only have Paypal on it (although it looks pretty :)) I was hoping to add something more flexible for the customers, but didn't really thinkg a $40-50/month emerchant account was worth it for such a dinky site...


Yahoo can be good for some merchants, but with you selling one product it might be overkill. Also keep in mind that yahoo changes for their electronic payment gateway that you must use (between .5% to 1.5%) on top of what the merchant account provider will charge you - either Paymentech or Chase or Cardservice. Any First Data company will support Yahoo's electronic payment gateway.

Have you considered just a smaller shopping cart and hosting it on your server? And then you can get your own merchant account with an electronic payment gateway (LinkPoint, Vesign's Payflow,

LinkPoint is usually around $15-$30 a month with no transaction fees. Verisign is around $45-$60 with 1,000 free transactions, And is about $10-$30 a month with $.10 per tranaction. and Payflow charges for their recurring billing while LinkPoint does not.

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