The non-technical world is starting to understand the concept of Twitter -- which means that they're starting to try to control it.

Courtrooms have already begun dealing with jurors Googling, Facebooking, and Twittering their way through the case. Now, some courtrooms are starting to set regulations ahead of time. The Associated Press is reporting that the Idaho Supreme Court's criminal jury instruction committee is discussing guidelines that would prevent jurors from using electronic devices to post their thoughts or do research on cases that are in progress.

While nothing has yet been approved, if instructions for jurors are approved, they would be recommended for use in both magistrate and district courts throughout Idaho, the AP said.

Meanwhile, the National Basketball Association has fined Mark Cuban -- who has a reputation for complaining -- $25,000 for comments he made in Twitter about the officials.

Cuban had also been fined $25,000 for non-Twitter-based "inappropriate interaction" earlier this season. "It'd be stunning if David Stern [the commissioner of the NBA] didn't order Cuban to cough up some cash for finding a new way to question NBA officiating," reported the Dallas Morning News.