Hi all,
I just noticed that Google has released Google Payment. Has anyone used this service before and is it built to compete with Paypal?
Any feedback?

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It's sort of built to compete with Paypal. It's just another alternative payment system. It's free to sue through the end of the year and in general it seems to help improve conversion rates. It's not really that special, though, and is just another payment option available to merchants.

I don't think it built to compete with Paypal as google has far way to go for that.

I would say of course google will compete with paypal since it is almost the same service both companies offer. Okay paypal has been there for many years but then again, google is a huge company and they have alot of "fans" that will move right a way to googles services if they can get the same there then what they can with paypal.

If you say for Amazon payment system I will agree, google has to go long way to compete with paypal.

I think google will go that far in some 5 years from now., eventually taking every place on the internet. But we just have to wait and see the mercury rising.. lol


By that time paypal and other companies will go far-far away and it will hard to catch on them.

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