5 Billion Tweets!

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GigaTweet has been counting the total number of messages posted to Twitter in real time, and the rolling count is almost hypnotic. Overnight the 5 billionth Tweet was posted.

So what was it?

Perhaps someone speaking out against corporates trying to gag freedom of the press again? Nope.

Maybe another campaign kicking off against insensitive and homophobic ranting in the Daily Mail newspaper? Nope.

Must be an anarchist orchestrating a protest movement then? Nope.

Which surely only leaves the willy waving celebrity crowd, was it one of them letting us know they had eaten dinner with another celeb and were off to bed now? Nope.

It surely wasn't me, @happygeek, saying something profound? Nope, no chance of that I am afraid.

Actually, the 5 billionth Tweet was something of a let down, yet a refreshing reminder that the real power of Twitter is with ordinary users having ordinary conversations with their ordinary friends.

It would appear that Tweet 5,000,000,000 was posted by one Robin Sloan (@robinsloan) in reply to a user called @sexysloan9912e, and simply said "Oh lord".


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Thanks for sharing this post Happy Geek. Though I have a few Twitter accounts, I personally have seen Twitter full of "Oh Lords" or "Im waiting for my lunch" chatter. Does this elucidate the reader? I strongly doubt it. I feel that Twitter is now the modern version of eaves dropping street conversations or one person sighs to be honest.

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