I'm excited today. I've had a meeting with a publisher and I've been commissioned - contract in the post - to write a book about using social media for business. There, I wasn't going to tell you but you forced it out of me. It will be out in October.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because on the way back to the office I saw this news item in today's Times Online. And I just couldn't believe it.

In fact I kind of still don't, I'm really hoping that the idea of using a Twitter account to abuse customers who happen to use the Web in this way is some sort of hoax. I note that the Times quotes another website to substantiate the idea that this is a genuine site (I've mailed their press office and will update with a comment when they get back to me) so maybe it's a bunch of jokers.

But it's not doing anyone any good (other than the media) - I'll be fascinated to see what the official story is.

OK - according to the Travelution site it seems that earlier today someone in Ryanair confirmed that this was indeed an official Ryanair site, but later someone more senior said it wasn't. My best guess is that the confirmation came before the spokesperson had seen the site - the company may well be planning some Tweeting but it's not going to be this abusive!

I can't help but smile at the fact that the Times believed it to be genuine.

...and the Times has now removed its original story, which was about an abusive site for which Ryanair accidentally took credit. Looks like the Times' own online marketing has taken a bit of a battering today as well!

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