Hello guys!
I have been seeing so many "opportunities" to make money just by doing something simple online which is hard to believe and mostly not true at all. I would love to work in a business like that but can not see anything serious in that cause of that many scams. Please help me decide for something serious if there is something serious out there!
Thank You!

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Hi Andreas

Im really glad you asked this QUESTIONS

I was very confused too.

Heres my experience

First of all... There is no such thing as money making program

Or get rich quick...

If there were everyone would join and every one would become rich and we would be living in heaven..

NOW back to earth..

Botom line Most of them if not all are SCAMS..

Do not join..

And usually if any of them works the good stuff wont last long..

What you want to do is to build a long lasting eBussiness..

I mean a website.

Not a blog

A website..

But today webhosts are everywhere...

Which are good, bad...

The truth is No one..

There is nothing special about hosting..

But if there was a host BUILD for e commerce website

That has all the tools needed to online success..

All the books..

The friendliest forums..

That would be good right ??

You know whats the best part..

You do not HAve to live in heaven it EXisits

And i you USe it..

Its called (Site build it)

ill stop talking now and leave you visit their website and get amazed!!!

I was too..

This is the link to the homepage


And here is the video tour i really recommend you start with it..


PLZ reply when you reviewed it

I agree with rockyman12, do not join with those kind of programs.
Take a course about internet business, i think it will give you a brighter view.

I would say, stop looking for a zero effort get-rich quick scheme and start to think about (1) what YOU have a passion for and (2) how YOU could turn it into a profitable venture on the Internet.

You need to research the market before you go and find a product. You need to offer something of value before you can expect to get anything back. Starting with "opportunities" is putting the cart before the horse.

99% of these online money making programs are the same. They all have you setup a squeeze or sales letter page for a niche product. The problem is that once the site is launched, the owner says "now what?" Thus forums across the internet are filled with the same questions of how do I raise my pr, how do I get traffic to my site, how do I rank higher in Google. The market is so saturated with people selling weight loss programs, etc.

I agree with rockyman12 these type sites are not true don't believe that type sites

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