Alexa used to provide a semi-accurate representation of my website's traffic. In June I was ranked around 25,000. Since then my traffic has only increased (dramatically), and my Alexa chart has been on an insanely steep decline (getting worse every day - I'm now ranked 62,000 although my traffic has since doubled! Quantcast and Google Analytics show my site on a steep incline ( TribalFusion and other ad networks have told me I can join their premier networks when my page rank falls within the top 40,000 - so Alexa is killing me right now. Any ideas why it's showing the exact opposite traffic results? I'm hoping it's a coincidence, but it started killing me as soon as I added the Quantcast tag to my page - I know they are rivals - any chance Alexa could be sabotaging sites that use Quantcast? Any ideas how to turn things around?

I never put much faith in Alexa rankings and it pains me to know that other people do. I would send Tribal Fusion a screenshot of your Google Analytics traffic to prove to them you have the amount of traffic that they require. Other than that, it looks like your traffic rank climbed back up to the 40K range in Alexa (It was 41,000 yesterday, for example).

Heyy, thanks for the reply Dani! You're always great with responses. I never cared about Alexa, until this Tribal situation. I already tried sending Tribal my Google Analytics data about a month ago, but they responded saying: "Unfortunately we do not accept Google analytics as a traffic measurement tool, we consider Alexa and Comscore. Crazy, right?? How can you not accept Google Analytics over Alexa? I think the only reason my Alexa ranking went up yesterday was because they saw my post about them sabotaging sites that use Quantcast lol. Wouldn't be surprised. I noticed your Alexa ranking hovers in the low 3,000's. Can you share some of your traffic info (visits, visitors, page views), or is that sensitive data? My monthly statistics in those categories are: 710,000 visits, 350,000 visitors, 4,600,000 page views.

Alexa is AI and it seems like its not doing a very good job. I am sorry it has caused problems for you. This thread has given me a good warning not to watch alexa.

Sometimes I doubt Alexa ranking’s truthfulness. When I see Alexa rank improved it sounds good, but it’s dubious because I don’t see much increase in traffic in my web trackers.