Twitter has announced that they are taking a hard line on companies that offer paid followers to help seed your follower group. Twitter deems this spam and is eager to do everything possible to eliminate spam before it starts. I hope there next step is to crack down on the adult-oriented followers that are popping up and offering links to adult-content sites. Very annoying.

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The more popular Twitter became the more spam will follow. 2009 has been a banner year for Twitter in which the company has seen both its user base and press coverage surge.

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Spammers inevitably show up as soon as something becomes popular enough that they think they can make a quick buck out of it, and they don't care what gets trashed in the process.

Similar issue occurred with Myspace. I am glad that Twitter is cutting it in the bud sooner than later and not encounter the same (almost) demise as Myspace.


Sadly, in the 5 days since I started this thread I have picked up 21 new followers who have all been blocked. Fourteen adult-oriented accounts and 7 investment advice-oriented once.


I wonder if there is a tool available to determine the spam potential factor of followers.

If there isn't then I will be wishing I could program because whoever comes up with it will be able to make a nice chunk of change for it!


I think they should also disable account to those who are selling their accounts.

Exactly. Good point I wish I had made.

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