Facebook appears set to reconsider its privacy policy after colossal backlashes in the online world. The company confirmed to the BBC that it appears to have made things too complicated.

Introduced this week was a new button on the privacy settings on a user's page, in which they share their Facebook information with anyone at all on the Web. It's shared by default.

There is also a loophole in which linking pages - like those of Facebook friends - which have the setting switched on will also share the contents of their linked pages. In other words if you set your settings to switched off, then I become your Facebook friend and mine are on, then hard luck - you're searchable because you're linked to me.

Next to nobody has had an official notification about this. I found out from a Twitter note.

It's unsurprising, given the reaction, that the whole thing is under review. Daniweb will of course keep you posted.

Thanks for bringing this up. It is actually scary. The other day, the founder of Facebook, said the default of Facebook is to be social. Thus, anyone who is a member of Facebook, one way or another, agrees to this. I have personally have restricted by security settings to the stricted settings in the past few years but to be honest, in the past few months, it has been getting harder and harder. The reason behind the relaxation of members privacy boils down to .....capitalism...