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Haven't had much response to my question that was tacked on to the "Payment Processor" thread, so thought I'd start a NEW thread to see if I can get any assistance.

I'm helping set up a home-based business selling exclusively through a website, and the target market is over 18 (will have the legal disclaimer before entry to the site is permitted). Only tangible goods will be sold (adult oriented greeting cards, novelty gifts etc) ... no porn stuff, no thumbnail galleries, no monthly subscription stuff. Only tangible goods being ordered and shipped out to the buyer's address.

Looking for a payment processor that is OK with this site content. I know PayPal and other "moral" companies won't want to touch it, so I need to search for either a gateway/merchant acct deal or a thrid party processor. Ideally no setup fees (or minimal is OK too).

Anyone got any ideas / names I can look into?

Thx all,

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Going through your requirement I would suggest to check it with standardpay.com, they are supporting such site.

Most regular processors will accept your account because it is tangible goods. It's only true pornography that requires a special high risk account. If you have issues getting a regular merchant account let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

Selling adult tangible products are allowed in Paypal. What they not allow include membership subscription to adult site, child pornography etc. You may contact Paypla for more details.

Other payment service providers you can approach like 2Checkout, Moneybooker, PPPay, Nochex, ccnow.

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