I know this isn't really funny but someone has set up a website called pleaserobme. And I'm delighted.

Why am I delighted? Because it's there to tell people what I've been telling people for ages, including through my social media book. Specifically, could everyone STOP ANNOUNCING THEIR HOLIDAYS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA?

I've just been away to Glasgow for a few days. I wanted to find a restaurant that served something good for my family (for what it's worth Fratelli Sarti had just about the best welcome and Italian food I've had outside Italy) so asked on Twitter. But I lied a bit - I said I was going to Glasgow shortly, didn't mention I was there at the time.

And why not? Because I didn't want everyone to know I was away and the house was empty, is why not. I've heard of only one documented case in which someone said they were away on a social network and was robbed instantly but I'll bet there are many.

So watch yourselves. We've all heard legends about how professional sportspeople get robbed because people know when they're out at a game. Some might even be true. It's important to bear in mind that in the modern age we can all inflict this vulnerability on ourselves.

Guy, I couldn't agree more. I tweeted a while back about how Foursquare was a burglar's dream. I don't mind as my wife works from home so our house is secure but it is a little worrying. Pleaserobme.com is a good idea but beautifully executed. 5% idea - 95% execution - although the search facility seems a little buggy.

HaHa! I want to test it.. (not burglarize someone but see if my update will appear)