Hi, I would like to know which are the best free blog services in terms of SEO? I mean which will get crawled quickly and also will get better position on search engines.

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In my opinion Blogger or Wordpress can be ranked just as well in the SERPS. In my experience the only difference is that blogger sends more referral traffic. I use both Wordpress and Blogger and have never noticed a difference in the time it takes to get ranked for certain keywords.

Thank you for advice

Blogger is one of the most popular free blog services. They have quite a few features and offer the ability to export your site or host it on your own domain in the future. A new post on Blogspot is usually indexed within minutes if the blog is a few weeks old.

We have recently gotten into Wordpress development and have only good things to say about the platform. A large community of coders creating great themes and plugins. Either will get crawled quickly if using something like Pingomatic.

The best thing for you will be forum posting. Making multiple posts in a forum can give you good responses.

As per my experience and according to SEO Blogspot is the best blog services for quick crawling in search engines

According to me WordPress is the best free blogging platform. It is easy and simple to use and also it is search engine friendly.

I personally use Wordpress because I'm not a programmer. The best blog service is your own service. You're fully customizable.

Wordpress is by far the best blog site.

blogger is the best

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