Google caffeine is the new algo google is testing, i heard that in this update, google gives more importance to social media networking like digg, reddit is that true and also really checked in google about caffeine and i came across number of domains I saw this website
comparecaffiene .com where i found some results are lost in the new algo. Please explain me more about google caffeine as Iam in the process of collecting information about caffeine.

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well, as far as I know .. caffeine testing was a success, and the project is heading forward. caffeine is going live on Google.com soon, starting with one datacenter.


I strongly recommend you to read Mashable's review on Caffeine...

Ya that was a pretty good article but I’m left with the impression that mashable and most of the comments tout Bing as being the better new search engine, Google caffeinated or not.


That's true. I am so curious to see the data a year post launch for Bing - both on unpaid and paid search and then make a comparison when Caffeine comes out. Hmm...

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