This is interesting, as we are all used to reading about online resources being optimised for mobile devices. Take YouTube which has been successfully shrunk to fit the iPhone and other mobiles, but has now been writ large by way of a change.

Google informs me that it has now introduced YouTube XL, especially optimised for watching video clips on the large screen rather than the small. It says that, in addition to an all new design offering large text and simplified navigation, YouTube XL also "offers a continuous play feature, which lets you search for a topic on YouTube and then press "play" once to watch all of the videos sequentially on that topic. Also, getting from one video to the next takes just a few clicks, and you can control the action with a universal remote control, or even some mobile phones."

Sounds like a good idea to me, especially as there are now millions of HD playbacks on YouTube every day, to be able to easily view these on a big screen. Just don't mention porn though, after the YouTube Porn Day affair the other week.