Hello Everyone,

I am richard canon from London, UK.
I am running my business in mobile phones and its accessories.

Please suggest me to for SEO how to get desired with targetd visitors on my website.
My website url is << plug snipped >>

What i have to do to get more visitors and traffic.

I waiting of your quick and positive reply for my website.

Richard Canon

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There's no secret, and the same tactics work for every site out there. Good, useful content that people want to read and want to naturally link to. Design your site for your users and not the search engines. Search engines are optimized to understand pages designed for humans. And gets lots of backlinks :)

If you are regional make sure you add pages for the names of the towns - in the title, description and page content.

Cscgal is right, make your site friendly user for human. Think of an appropriate keyword in which you think will work best. Submit your site to different directories and you are on a right track.. Forums like this will help you a lot... good luck!!!!

Get in bound links in various ways... write somne copy for other sites.... add a blog that gets subscribers...

Get Quality inbound links. Make a blog or post in other related bloggers.
Write a good article and submit them to directories.
Social Bookmarking websites based on UK can be very helpful.


Try to give something new to your visitors - any tool etc....

Design your site for your users and not the search engines. But your site should also be Search engine friendly if you want to get good rankings.

And then link building - try to get as many as back links from related/relevant websites.

Also try newsletter, they can also help in getting sales.

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