Directory submissions are a proven way to build link popularity for any site which will ultimately let you gain higher search engine rankings. But, it is time consuming and tedious too. Many people just do not have that much time to do it themselves and cannot even hire others who will charge anywhere from $15-$20 per hour just to submit your web site or $250 just for 1000 submissions (and that's the minimum going rate!)

But, no worries! We have done all the hard work and developed a directory submission tool known as ResellerGo. It comes with three plans; you can choose the one that suits you the most. Here are the details:

* Reseller Go Free Plan (Demo)

You can get your hands on the ResellerGo tool absolutely free by selecting the "Free Plan." This plan allows you to submit up to150 directories. It allows the users to submit an UNLINMITED number of web sites to 150 directories. You can download the free plan of ResellerGo here

* Silver Plan (Economic)

This plan was specially designed for those webmasters who wants to submit their website. You just need to pay the one-time fee per domain which will unlock a database to more than 4000 directories, including those with a high Page Rank (PR). Also, we will keep on updated the directories and you will also have access to those directories. Try this plan now.

* Gold Plan (Commercial)

This plan was specially designed for commercial users and/or resellers who are providing service to a large number of clients or offering paid Directory Submission Service. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of websites that users can promote. Give it a try now.

In short, it's a great tool and an easy way to increase your traffic with very little work and save several hours and thousands of dollars every time you want to submit your site to new directory. So, if you really want to get a lot of traffic to your web site and want to get higher search engine rankings without wasting a single moment then I urge you to check out ResellerGo<> now. In any case, you can try the free plan first to see how well it works and I'm sure you will upgrade it yourself.

Ahem. Careful here folks.

Directories can be used to build link popularity to some extent, and maybe a little traffic, but be very careful about using any service like this.

Google is on the warpath against paid links, and many directories qualify as "paid links" by their definition. Many (maybe most) of your directory links will be summarily ignored. If you use too many directories, you could get penalized or banned. Never mind the morality or fairness either way (that always sparks a lengthy debate), that is the reality.

I have seen no issues with top quality directories, such as Yahoo, Joeant, etc. These are trusted and will definitely benefit your site. I have also not seen any issues when using a small number of directories (worst case is your link is just ignored).

However, if you use too many directory links, especially mass directories like the ones that may well be used by the promotion above, or submit them too quickly, it can cause your site to be penalized or banned.

So, go ahead and use directories, but use them wisely. If you use a service like this, go slow, and only do 100's of them if you have other links to your site from quality sources so that your overall mix of links has some quality.

Also, view directories as a short term approach to building link popularity. To really get page rank and traffic, you need to do the hard work of building great content and promoting it so that you get *real* links -- that is what Google and the other search engines are looking for.

Just my 2 cents.