I am using Google pay per click for my domain and my domain automatically forwards to my Ebay auction of that domain name. Does anyone know if Google Adwords doesnt like domains that forward?

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well i am pretty sure ebay would not let you put google ads on it, because they dont want ppl making money off their site.

I don't think they'd like that. I know the browser back button has to go back to Google in one click, might be okay if that works.

i am pretty sure there is no way in hell ebay alows ppl to put google ads on their site cuz they have their own ads and would loose money, there is prob a code blocker in ebays auction thing.


Have I misunderstood the question, do you want to put Google Ads on Ebay?

I thought you wanted to send people to your ebay site through your own domain?

he already did the second part, and asked how he could put google ads on it, if you click the link that is where it will send you.

Google allows you to buy PPC campaigns that link directly to the eBay domain name or to some other domain that you don't own. There is no reason for the redirect.

yeah but i think it is more a reason of wether ebay allows you to put ads on its pages

On the contrary, it's a smart strategy to use Adwords/YSM to drive traffic to your eBay auctions!

Hold up here. We're talking about two different things here! Some of us are talking about putting AdSense ads on the eBay auction page to earn revenue when people visit the eBay auction. The other half of us (myself included) are talking about using AdWords to advertise an eBay auction. The latter is not only condoned, but Google actually fully encourages it. You are allowed to use PPC AdWords to advertise websites that are to domains you don't own. For example, I can have an AdWords campaign advertising my eBay auctions with the URL for the ad going directly to eBay.com. The only limitation here is that only one ad per domain will show up at one time.

Therefore, for example, suppose there is a very popular book that is sold on Amazon.com. And there are five people who are all participating in the Amazon.com affiliate program. All five of these people also have AdWords campaigns set up to advertise this particular book. Upon clicking on the AdWords ad, one is taken to the particular book details page on the amazon.com domain, with the affiliate ID in the URL. This means that if someone were to type the book's name into Google, Google would not show all five paid advertisement links to the same book on Amazon.com. It would only show one of these - and you guessed it, the best performing one and the one with the highest bid.

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