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Ok if we see what is the sole motto of google ofcourse making money joke a part.... but the ultimate goal is to make user feel happy while they click on your paid ads.
The google quality score depends upon combination of keywords, landing page relevancy and other relevant factors. So what the other relevancy factors. I think the laod time is one of them and google will keep discovering what to add more and more in the algorithm for a great user experience.

So if your page time to load then definitely the user will not wait and it will irritate him. That user will not again click on your ads and finaly it will be harful for your business and ofcourse Google.

So landing page load time should definitely be one of deciding factor of quality score.



I read an article here: http://www.informationweek.com/management/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=206902553 about how AdWords quality score will now factor in page load time. What do you guys think of this? Google Webmaster Tools indicates how long Google takes to crawl your page, so you have a ballpark as to whether you'd be negatively affected.

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