Can anybody give me some SEO tips??

Well the best tip i have: You need to look around for SEO primer material - (Learn relearn test out things , learn some more and verify verify verify.)

I'm new to this forum but having a quick look around I found this which should help get the ball rolling.


Links, Links and more links! Try getting good quality one way links to your website and get lots of them, also make sure you have anchor text with kewords in it from those links. You can get links via directorys, recipricol linking or social networking.

Try for some tips on the onpage factors for SEO!

Do keyword research, create compelling content and get many back links and you’re on you way to high rankings.

Asking for SEO tips in an SEO forum is too broad. Read, read, read. And when you're done, read some more. Learn everything you possibly can. And then ask more specific questions.

Tip 1: Submit your link to daniweb directory

Has that worked for you? :)

This forums as well as many other online boards are full of information about SEO and the important points while working on sites rankings, you are recommended to read the posts.

Do a google search on "SEO optimization." Most agree that it has to do with page content, look, keywords, and links. Good luck.