As i had seen many tutorial for SEO.

but all tutorial will deal only with google,can any send me article

for yahoo and MSN optimization.

Probably do a google search on that..heh.

that's ok but google has different set of algorithm

like pagerank etc...

but yahoo and MSN?

yahoo and msn deal with on-page optimization


Yahoo,msn uses factors like number of reliable links to your website whether keywords are present in you domain name ,etc.


It's great question.....

Google Yahoo MSN AOL these are all major seo's but so many people used only Google,
because when google optimized your website it will takes total onpage and offpage factors,
but other search engine are not like that.....the other se's algorithm is different.

And at the same time google provides so many advantages, and it will helps like a friend.

with regards,

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