Does it hurt to have both phrase and exact keywords in the same ad group?

For example:

"internet marketing"
[internet marketing]

What happens? Does it help it or hurt it? Does it matter?


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Test and tracking is the key to adwords..

Setup 3 ads with different words in the ad.
Adwords is all about testing which one will out perform the other.

Work on writing ads that the user would want to click on it. Now you don't want have clicks and no sales, so be careful. That is why it's important that your landing page works in hand with your adwords...

Example of 3 ads keywords to use:

1: How to ....

2: Instant download .....

3: ....
Buy now $25.99....

Track and test which ads bring in the sales...once you got the top 1, create more ads trying to beat that one...

Here is tip: if you have one adwords that coverts great, use that same ad, and test it on other ppc sites.. and use that ads and test in with some ezines that offer ads in their newsletters...

Adwords is just one way of getting traffic and sales... There are many newsletters online that offer monthly ads for under $50... google and you will find


If u set Exact match and bid $0.30 for it and have Phrase match and bid $0.45
for it...

when the exact keyword appears, you'll pay $0.30 instead of $0.45


Nice tip PCpowerup..
Testing is the key to everything!! And being able to recognize when it is working or not...
Even when you have a winner out of the three keywords, keep that one and do it again adding another two new ones.. I did this a few times and found a hidden keyword that I thought would never work for me.


This looks like a little of an old thread. However, it's a good idea to keep all three match types in the same ad group (broad, phrase and exact).

If you get a higher CTR for your exact match, you will rank higher for it. However, people don't always use just the exact match, they may type in "best internet marketing", or whatever. So if you have broad and phrase on as well, it will catch those terms you don't have entered, and you still keep the better CTR (click through rate) of the exact match ad.

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