Whenever I need information, I either go to Yahoo or to Google. Specially with the Google toolbar neatly installed and accessible, it becomes quicker to search for anything. Search results are often satisfactory and if I don't find it in Google, I go to Yahoo, or vice versa. My friend introduced me to AskJeeves (it has been renamed, I think), which I rarely use. As for MSN, I don't really use it, unless I just logged out of my hotmail account and the homepage gets back to MSN.

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I usually use google and sometimes yahoo.

Google is always the best and first choice in searching anything on internet / web. After that, Yahoo and Wikipedia is my choice. :)

So far Google is the leader in the search engine market.

I always use Google for all my searches. From a search engine marketing perspective also I concentrate all my effort on Google only. The rest will follow. As my ranking has improved on Google for my keywords, I see the same pattern on Yahoo and others.

You mean there are other search engines besides Google?? LOL. I don't really use any other engine as I pretty much always find what I need in Google if I try various phrases related to my search. I'm also one of those people who will dig down several pages to find the information that I want. As for SEO, I'm with the previous poster. I concentrate on optimizing and ranking for Google only and the rest will generally catch up to it.

I must live on a different planet than the rest of yous.

I prefer MSN over both other search providers. MSN always offers me the best web pages for my search.

When I started in SEO there were about 20 major search engines (Infoseek, Hotbot, Goto, Go, Northern Light, Lycos, Altavista ...) You would do good to rank well in half of them simultaneously. There was more need to find compromising balances in the art of search engine optimization back then.

MSN ranks web pages a certain way and it is substantially different way than Google. Ranking well in Google is not a guarantee that the web pages will rank well in MSN. The web pages may rank well, or they may not.

Google is the one i mostly use...

According to the industry numbers Google has about 65% market share, Yahoo has about 15% market share and MSN has about 8%. (these numbers differ depending which report you look at)

Since Google has the largest chunk of traffic that is what I use. I don't necessarily think Google does search the best. I do think it is important for me to see what the majority of my users are seeing and that is why I use Google more often.

As a user, Google is my preferred search engine.

I you optimize your website well for google you need not worry about other SE as it more likely work for all search engine.

i do think that the core elements of search engine algorithms are the same. i respectfully disagree about not worrying about the search engines. if you compare the top ten ranking sites on google, msn and yahoo you will notice the rankings vary from search engine to search engine. this is more noticeably when you start dealing with highly competitive keywords.

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