I think increasing visitors in yahoo, Google and live search engines are easily but in case of Alexa it is difficult. I am getting very good traffic from other search engine but i am not getting that much visitors in Alexa.

Can anybody suggest me how can i achieve visitors from Alexa

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Alexa is a difficult engine to go through because it's primarily based out of dmoz.org which is also incredibly hard to get through, mostly because it's all human-based and it takes up to 3 months (or so) just to review sites before they're added. Not to mention if you submit to the wrong directory you don't even get in. It's a tricky directory in that sense, thus making Alexa just as tricky. My suggestion to you would be to submit your site to a few different categories in dmoz and then wait, you can't really do too much else... make sure the content you submit to dmoz is current and saturated with accuracy and you should be good. Hope this helps!

In addition to submitting your site to Dmoz, you'll have to find a way to encourage your visitors to download, install and use the free Alexa toolbar as often as possible whenever they visit your site.

But if you're already getting good traffic from other search engines the you shouldn't loose any sleep over Alexa.

Yes Using Alexa toolbar does attract some benefits to your website. Keep on increasing the number of backlinks to your website every week and you will see some good results within a month.

submit on article sites to increase

Alexa is popular to measure the traffic rank of your website, its check your log file of the domain on your server and on that bases it decide the traffic rank.

ok, using alexa toolbar does effects your website visitors. But, can anyone tell me how exactly the toolbar works to attract the visitors for your site?

Many times when you take a look at the status of the top ranking websites in the Alexa engine, you will notice that it automatically picks some links and adds to the rankings and placements of the sites.

I think it takes a look at the Google placements of the sites to determine their popularity, just a guess.

increasing visitors in yahoo, Google and live search engines are easily but in case of Alexa it is difficult

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