I have started as a SEO executive with an Indian Company and and want to understand what's SEO all about, kindly help me with inputs.


Hmm well first off, why did you start as an SEO executive if you don't know anything about SEO?

That aside, here are some great resources for to read.

www seomoz org

www searchenginejournal com

www searchengineland com

www mattcutts com/blog

those are some great sites with content that will help you a lot.

Honestly, I would advise you to find another position. You can read all the SEO books and websites but that will not make you an expert. All you will be doing is copying someone else and you don't even know if they are really experts or faking it like you will be doing. Experience is the best teacher when it comes to this area. Yes, there are some credible resources but how can you legitimately provide a service that you know absolutely nothing about?

Best to read as much as you can.
Forums, books, articles, and the like.

Increase many backlink to your site by exchange links, submit to search engines & web directories. These way are good for your site :)

Increase many backlink to your site by exchange links, submit to search engines & web directories. These way are good for your site :)

I wouldn't take this to heart too much.

there are a lot of different opinions out there, including mine, but I wouldn't say that submitting your site everywhere is the best idea.

Seo is s process to optimize a website to get high result in SERP. To get started study website then make a list of keyword related to your targeted service and product. Put your most important keywords in title, description and in body contents.

I am sure you have found out the basic of search engine opitmisation by now by reading responses in this post and also by your own research on search engine optimisation. This is OK form a technical point of view. However as you have hired someone to work on search engine optimisation on your behalf, I am assuming you are looking at it from a business point view. As such it will important to consider what task arrangements you have established with the SEO person you have hired to the do the search engine optimisation for your website . Is it a per month set up where he or she will put in a certain of amount of hours or is it a one off fee for certain tasks.

In either case you should ask him to outline exactly the tasks that he wishes to undertake. Weigh these tasks against your own knowledge on SEO techniques that is very easy to research online. his should give you a good idea of the campaign. Make sure you study the current website usage patterns using Google analytics. You can then evaluate your websites statistics every six to eight weeks or so to measure the impact of the Search engine optimisation tasks undertaken by the person you have hired.

Read lots of forums and articles on SEO.
Good luck!

I've started as a brain surgeon in Ajax and want to know about what type of training I might need.

SEO is a way of optimizing your pages and getting them ranked on SEs based on your chosen keywords


As a input arrange a computer with internet and start marketing's ,make blogs do add,make some new ids for start businesses,further if u wanna know find attachment which solve your all the douts which u have in your mind.

With best wishes

I have started as a SEO executive with an Indian Company and and want to understand what's SEO all about, kindly help me with inputs.


Jill Whalen has one of the very best SEO sites, with an excellent forum:
www highrankings com
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that's a lot of info everyone... thanks for helping..

For SEO,Start by choosing best suitable keywords for your site and then effectively place the keyword in the content, meta tags,title, description etc...
on completing your on-page stuff, start with Off Page Optimization,

I've started as a brain surgeon in Ajax and want to know about what type of training I might need.

hahaha... i suggest u to gain some brain first for becoming Ajax brain surgeon :P (not hitting u please just be cool)

any ways... u need to work a lot on seo but if u just started as a seo Executive i suggest u to move on and find some else for u..

seo is a technique by which we can rank our site on Google or other search engines. i think for more you have to read e books which are available on google ... there you can learn in brief .. best of luck

You should read as much as you can, and be active in various seo forums. There you can find answers to your problems if you get stuck somewhere. But be active. SEO is an on-going process, so help yourself. You will learn more from your personal experience only.

Do some keyword research
Do On-Page Optimization (its all about your site structure)
Do Off-Page Optimization (its done outside your site)

wow! you've got the position without having any idea what SEO is all about? hmmn.. try to read more sites and there are a lots of SEO books to be downloaded. you can also watch in youtube.

SEO consists of on page and off page optimization, what you are going to do is to build links on all marketing avenues like directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, social networking and forum posting. you can also do media links like youtube and more. you are going to do this because you want your site to be on the first page of the google. but it is impossible if the keyword you are going to rank will be on the number one. in order for you to reach the number 1 on the page of the google you have to pay to exchange links to the highest PR sites and more

Hope this will help you


SEO is the process in which by using the different techniques you will rank a website higher on the search engines. You can do a lot of things in SEO especially when it comes to off page optimization. There are about dozen of things which you can do in order to rank your website higher on search engines. At the moment I am telling you the 3 things from you can take start.
1. Directory Submission
2. Article Submission
3. Social Bookmarking

You need to study a lot and follow the latest trends that are going on. Participate in different forum discussions on SEO related topics. As much as experience you'll get you'll become skilled and impliment those strategies for your site effectively.

Firstly, change your websites' layout and improve the code.
Second,increase more outside links as possible as you can, including forum, blog,social bookmark, etc.

you also can learn more from google search


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No problem read lot of seo books, tutorials , etc... you will get idea and implement those in your site soon you will know, but it take some time to learn, If you have interest every thing will possible.

All the best

SEO is a process of optimizing a website to enhance its market exposure. first of all identify your website relevant keywords which gives more traffic and has less competition then apply on page and off page optimization activities.

You have to start thinking of constantly re-optimizing your site's SEO in a consistent manner so the new content on your site is reflected on your site's SEO.

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Without Knowledge who has given the SEO executive post, it’s difficult to handle the projects. I don’t think so, anyhow, I will give basic information about SEO,
First you must learn basic things about HTML tags like formatting tag, style sheet, etc
Second you will learn basics idea about SEO, what is what?
You can go through the websites like seomoz, Google webmaster, Blogs, etc. then you can start SEO executive job.

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