What do ya all think of Microsoft's newest search engine?

I like it :) My friend just showed it to me last night. I especially like the endlessly long pages hehe. Guess that'll eliminate SEOs screaming "I'm on page one of the SERPS!" :)

I've been playing around with this new search tool all week :eek: . It seems like it almost duplicates MSN results and if that is the case then MSN outperforms it by a mile. I am one of those rare Microsoft fans but I must say that I am totally disappointed with live. I like the results it is offering me, I'm doing standard searches but the thing keeps crashing on me and the scroll bar concept is driving me nuts. I can't figure out why I can only get maybe the
first 20 or so results. I'm on a dial-up connection and it is extremely slow, when it works. Their "promises" of
outperforming G with a bigger badder machine, with this beta launch, kind of leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. At this stage, I don't think G has anything to worry
about, but I've been around long enough to wait and see.

I'm hoping that this beta version is up for serious restructuring before the Vista upgrade. I think that the average web searcher will be frightfully discouraged with the layout and performance.

I will have to admit that I just quickly checked out the interface and have yet to see what the search results it offers are like. I do like the interface though ... I'm also on a speedy broadband connection.

whatever happend to the concepts of global accessibility and quick results?
Remember that 80% of world's internet users are still on dialup. They'll be losing out on that demographic.

The first rule of site usability is that a horizontal scroll bar should never appear. I still use 1024x768 at my home pc and when i loaded the site, it was too wide for that resolution.

As far as the results are concerned, dont see too much (read any) difference from MSN. The backend db is definitely the same.