i just found this website http://www.1seo1.com/seo-fast-report/index.html the offering SEO report i think its very usefully, e me because he spy on my competitor site and give me full seo report to beat him , here is an example of the seo report

http://www.1seo1.com/seo-fast-report/example.pdf it cost $190 do you advice me to order this report??

note. i know they are using seo software , i understand also his English not ok in this site ! but the report contain good English i think the report very usefully , im waiting your opinions please.

best regards

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no body wana answer me? !!

There are some tools that will also generate report based on your site. Some of them are free and you don't need to buy. Just explore the net and you will find.

Thanks for reply , i try to find any seo software give me this details ! but no luck so im going to order this report.


Hi my name is Sharifa and I have purchased the seo elite and keyword software and have found both the software to be very effective. The software once purchased will allow to go straight to the training site where you will receive step by step instructions on how to use the program and also simple explanations of how things work on the internet this is for informative and find it very useful if you are interested then go and visit the websites and see for yourself watch the free demos and then decide.

http://slader2.bryxen1.hop.clickbank.net/ seo elite

http://slader2.bryxen4.hop.clickbank.net keyword elite

I would not suggest paying for expensive SEO software. Most quality links can be done for free. Just do a del.icio.us search for "backlinks". This should send you in the right direction.

Why are you hungry for Report for such high cost. In fact you can do it your self. traffic you can know from google analytics, Rank in search engine you can by manually or use googlerankings.com, link back you can check by google webmaster tool and yahoo site explorer, keyword competitor you can check by Google adwords. index of your sit you can know by site: command in search engine.

i dont think we should have such high cost report and moreover they are not so accurate.

SEO softwares are just a waste of money... There are plenty of easy ways to acquire backlinks without spending.

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