When I am linkbuilding should I put links out there that go to my internal pages of my website or should I just link to the main page and hope visitor go to the rest?

If this is the right thing to do, how do you know which page to link to when you have 400 to choose from..

Do you link to the popular pages, the unknown pages, or the new pages????

Is there any benefits to doing this? And what are they??

Sorry if I have confused anyone!!!

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Interlinking is a good optimization technique

How and why is it good?

People are naturally going to link to inner pages ... individual articles, blogs, stories, etc. on your site. If you're going to buy links for the sake of them appearing natural, you would buy links to inner pages. However, this is a rather black hat strategy.

I would focus most of your links towards the page you want people to visit (i.e. homepage). Then do the rest on your inner pages, just to make it look natural.

Do you have to have links to the inner pages to get Page rank.. My main category pages were Page rank 3 , however now they are 0. Is this because I didn't build links to them or I didn't update them enough?

PR depends on the link structure of your site. If there are external links leading to your inner page, and that page has outgoing links to other sites -- the PR that you received is passed on to the site you are linking to. Normally, you should have external links to only your Home page which in turn should be linked to other pages in your site and vice-versa. The Home page distributes the PR to the linked pages and in turn receives its share of PR from the site pages. This keeps most of the PR within the site pages. Search Engines rank individual pages--not sites. So if your inner pages have turned up with a PR0-it means your site is leaking PR. You should only have external links pointing to your inner pages if they are more than 5 levels in depth--from the Home Page--because spiders do not index pages that are more than 5 levels deep--but they will follow links from other sites.


That is some great information. I have done a lot of deep linking on my site, and when I first started doing it, I went from PR3 to PR 1 in about 3 days. It was horrible, but now, I am PR3 again, so I'm not sure what happened.

Maybe when you first started Deep linking, you did not add links back to the Home Page and other Pages. A Deep Page linking back to the other pages in the site receives and distributes PR evenly throughout the site. Whe your sites Link structure was set right- the PR returned to normal.

If this is the right thing to do, how do you know which page to link to when you have 400 to choose from..

Do you link to the popular pages, the unknown pages, or the new pages????

Link only pages that have most important keywords in your industry. Use descriptive link text when you link to your inner pages. Also link to your homepage from any subpage of your site.

If you need PR for a page, the page should be linked to all other pages and vice-versa to evenly distribute the PR. If PR does not matter for a page-you can forgo the linking structure and link as you like. A site i am doing SEO on has this situation-check out www.sierrainfotechindia.com. The FAQ page is linked to all other pages but does not have PR like the other pages, because the PR is distributed to FAQ1, FAQ2, FAQ3. Although these pages too should have PR and return it to FAQ-they also link to each other. This dissipates the PR and nullifies the PR received.

But the rule of thumb is that all your important-top level and 2nd level pages should link to each other.

Interlinking is useful as your homepage can only get first page rank in Google for a few keywords not all. In order to get maximum exposure on Google it is essential that multiple pages form your website can rank for independent keywords. Initially you will find that homepage is easiest to rank. However if you have good internal linking you will see that internal pages will also get a high PR in time and start to rank individually in Google for different keywords.

I would spread out where your incoming links come to. Go with most relevant when possible :) Having links to e.g. articles is great since they also then stand a better chance in search engine result pages.

The pages that I have lost page rank on are only 1 deep.. and are on every page of my site. It is all the links in the top menu that have lost rank. I am not worried but am very interested in learning how to control it myself.

How and why is it good?

It always good link internally, apart from Google liking it, it also heps site visitors find their way around. Its gives your user a website which is easily and entirely navigable from one single page to the other.

Techniques of internal linking includes:
deep link directory submission
Internal linking in your website.
Putting internal link url in forum signature.

follow up with danny shez right

Linking to internal ages on your website certainly has its advantages. It will help improve the rank of the internal pages on search engines. This will be great help for SEO as different pages on the website can be ranked for different keywords as such the overall visibility of your website on search engines will certainly improve a lot if you link back to internal pages. The page rank for the internal pages will also improve as a result of deep linking.

It sounds like alot of work.
Do you only get PR if there are links to your page. I have pages with PR that are popular pages but have people really created links to them?

It is a lot of work... a long, continuous work.

If I'm not mistaken, having other sites link to your site pages is part of the factor that determines your pages' PR. You can check your backlinks to see the sites that are linking to you.


If you have targeted keywords to internal pages, you must have to go for "deep linking strategy" otherwise your HOME page can only hold 2-3 keyword phrases. You internal pages are optimized for other keywords which need to get ranked and could only be achieved if link building is done for them as well.

Thank you

I think that search algorithms rely heavily on internal linking structures to determine the importance of documents on your site.

It is best to link to all pages of your website. This will help all of your pages rank higher on the search engines. Link juice will go to all your pages.

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