I have a new escort site,

but most of the free listing directories won't accept my site...

How could i market it best??


What should i do to make it gain importance??


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Hmmmmmmmm quite difficult...Lets try with social media. try to participate until get banned.
Try to contact people on social networking site. As per my experience for this kind of site i always prefer this kind of media where people are staying for fun. Many time I got response and recommend from my contacts.

find out this kind site. you can use dating kind of site to promote your site.

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social networking site means where people connect with each other on net.
The best example of Social networking site is
Facebook now a days



Develop the highest quality content possible. Examine your keyphrase competitors for a long time and outperform them by outclassing them with regularly evolving web pages. Pay close attention to your internal linking structure and don't try to artificially inflate your link popularity.

In time you web pages will start ranking highly in the search engine results and then you'll harnass highly qualified and targeted web visitors.

Don't rush as the search engine game never ends and rewards (telephone calls and emails from potential customers) come with patience and perserverence.


Register a few domain names and develop them into websites. Some web hosts Bluehost.com allow clients to host multiple domains on one account. Build some links on those sites pointing to your main web site.


To make your site gain importance, you need to create unique content and build quality links pointing to your site.

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