I am needing to know more about SEO I must say to start I have a flash site but I have heard Google and adobe have came up with a new way to read it I have talked to some"SEO EXPERTS" who claim they can have me on page one forever but it will cost me 10,000 dollars what exactly do these guys do to get you there? Is it something I can do from home?

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you need to play with meta tags and content of your website

There are so many different aspects to SEO that it's hard to answer in just a single post. Start by reading through all the threads in this forum ... There are two main components to seo. Off-page SEO means getting other sites to link to you. On-page SEO means optimizing your HTML code, meta tags, title tags, and the actual content of your site (such as keyword density). It's definitely something that you can do yourself from home, but it is also something that takes time to learn, dedication, needs to be done on a continual basis, and can be monotonous at times. But, if you take a liking to it, it can be fun and rewarding as well.

Please share some more links for SEO..


Search engine optimization is nothing but optimizing our sites.
To optimize sites their are so many ways there in that mainly offpage and on page plays a major role.And after all you need some marketing that means with social networking,newletters,i think its enough.

You should beware that there are many unprofessional companies that go about search engine optimisation in an unethical way, using techniques that, if applied to your site, will actually cause it to be penalised by Google in the long term.

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