If you want more and more people to come to your website, then SEO is necessary. For understanding the significance of SEO, you need to understand what it does for your website.

SEO helps in enhancing the visibility of your website on search engine result pages. Effective SEO brings your site to the top pages of the targeted keyword(s), so that people looking for that particular service or product can see that you too are there offering those services and products. Simply put, Search Engine Optimization is necessary for announcing your presence in the online market and attracting growingly potential buyers for your business.

If there is no SEO for your website at all, it would be like a home which cannot be accessed by anyone because you did not announce its address at all!

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Good example, referring to the house. Will use that when explaining SEO to outsiders (which can be a challenge).


Not certain why you would come to a forum focused on SEO, populated by people with levels of knowledge of SEO from beginner to novice to expert and post a pretty generic definition of SEO. Thanks but not certain what the point of this post was.


No, it's not. A well built Web site can rank very well for some keywords; basically the difference between a search engine friendly site and one that has been optimized will be the keywords that people use to find the site (and the work that's put into getting them to the top of the search engines).


SEO can increase viewers and popularity of your site means it increase PR of your site. It is mainly important for internet marketing.


seo is to promote your website, like a store, when you open a store in not good spot, imagine without a good promotion strategy, you will slow your store visitors


Thanks all for your valuable comments.
keep viewing my posts.

I'll be sitting here on the edge of my seat.


tiyabatra - I see that you copy and pasted this exact same explanation from other places on the web. We welcome your comments, but please try not to spam us. :)


Jay11 and CanadaFred, have we entered the twilight zone in this thread? We seem to be the only ones who have a clue about the original post and its author.


Ya, I found that too, eventually. I'm a little old on SE algos and am not entirely up to par all the time. Repetition of anything repetitively is SEO ignorance and usually completely disregarded by the search engines, except Bing, for the moment, but that will change.

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