Can any body answer my question that My website's keywords are almost on front page in Google, what should I can do to be at first page on Yahoo.
what are the strategies to be on first page at yahoo?

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join any Yahoo related groups. Google, Yahoo and MSN are different to each other. Different strategies in different SE.

Same problem here, unfortunately. I do AWESOME with Google but no love from Yahoo!. Funnily enough, I was just browsing some old stats from Google Analytics, and I found that Yahoo actually did like me back in early 2006, and then just sorta fell off the radar and never came back.

I have noticed that yahoo does not give targetted and focused results for searches like goole does. They are sending visitors to the wrong answers whereas google gets it so right!!!! Therefore I am not focusing on yahoo because they are probably making people angry with the wrong results.

wooooo hold on buddies. its really simple. u have to submit ur site maps to yahoo site explorer as well like we did in google webmasters. also submit ur robots.txt, feeds etc in it. its really help full. ur will we be on top im sure

Basically submit your site map - and then pray :) . You can also pay to get onto their directories

Seriously though - if you are near the top for google then you are on top of the game - anyone seen the recent usage stats? exactly how relevant is yahoo?

Basically submit your site map - and then pray :) . You can also pay to get onto their directories

hey are we going to wait a miracle by means of praying. lol

why not?

After all - you don't know Google/ Yahoo's ranking formula? :)

lolz guyz. i believe tht if we optimize a site very well we can get on top in no time. my site got 3/10 ranks in google in 20 days and its only 1 month and 20 days old :D. coz its well optimize and whe ever u search for the right keywords it always shows up on first page in google and yahoo and crawler.com :D

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