I have learned from this forum and can summarize that the modern way to get more hits and indexed quicklier is to write fresh articles on your blog and submit them to social bookmarking sites.

I tried them for a month but I do not see many hits from my CP stats.

I agreed that my sites got closer for some keywords when searching them on Google. But Yahoo, it is too hard and have not changed.

Any idea is appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day!

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You're not getting that much traffic maybe because your keyword selection is not effective. You need to choose your target keywords carefully. Choose the ones that are less competitive but still with good search volume.

If you're performing well in google you may not worry abt Yahoo!

Keywords are very important. The keywords you select should be appropraite to the site

You can submit the articles to article directories and also in blog directories for more traffic. you can submit feeds of your blog to feed submission directories.

Social bookmarking sites can help in bringing in traffic, ifyou write a hot topic but the traffic usually does not convert.
Then Yahoo and Google uses different algorithm so you won't get the same search result with the two search engines. Ranking high in google is great! as most internet users uses Google more than Yahoo

submitting blogs in SB are great factor on how to promote a blog and drive traffic to it. just be active on it and the result will be good.

If you're performing well in google you may not worry abt Yahoo!

Agreed, over 70% of your traffic will come from google so I would focus on that but do not totally neglect the others.

my web design site keyword is very good perform in google

A lot of webmasters might have already forgotten about their Yahoo rankings because their sites are currently at the top of Google and are being visited and found by a lot of people on a daily basis.

Social bookmarking and blogging are just two of the techniques/strategies that help you get back links.. These two strategies help drives more traffic on your site and have higher chances of getting into top rankings on search engines..

by submitting once in few social bookmarking sites is not enough, not only social bookmarking others like directories, article etc should also submit on regular basis to get decent traffic regularly

you can do all the "social bookmarking" you want but you are not going to build a following unless you provide compelling content to a niche audience.

There is more to book-marking your pages online than just getting indexed; you are also guaranteed some traffic from these sites as soon as you submit to them.

Since you will also be tagging (or submitting them under your niche keywords), a lot of the traffic from these sites are also very targeted.

The result is that you may also have return visitors if you have very useful content or compelling offers on your website.

Choose a social bookmarking site and register. Choose a more popular site, especially if your are participating in an affiliate marketing program. Some popular sites are Stumble Upon, Del.icio.us, Digg, and Riddit.

Get familiar with the bookmarking site. Make sure there are other users who will be interested in your website.

All social bookmarking sites have different types of users. Be sure to find a site that works with your niche.

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