If you want to rank of ‘medical malpractice’ and can buy for the same price ‘medicalmalpractice.com’ and ‘malpractice.com’ which would you want to buy? Assume that you are only interested in getting hits as a result of organic searches for medical malpractice and are not taking into account the offline branding advantage of the shorter domain.

I'd be interested to hear what folks think.

I am of the belief that there is very little weight in keywords in domain names. And when it's more than one word, Google only separates words with a dash like medical-malpractice.com. Otherwise, it's just a big mosh of letters and Google doesn't know where one word ends and the next begins.

That being said ... I'm a big fan of short, simple, and sweet ... There's obviously the viral marketing / word of mouth / branding advantage to malpractice.com.

I think full of keywords stuffed domain really don't help… with a good linking campaign you can get them equal in the serps. And a catchy domain name will increase brand awareness and is worth infinitely more than a domain name picked solely for SEO.

So if you use dashes in that domain name why would you not use dashes in medical-malpractice?

i might sell it and folks don't like dashes

Unless they're seo types :)

All I know is that it's not advisable to use domain names with multiple dashes on it.

I'd assume because they'd come off as keyword stuffed domains.

I prefer the first one. It's more specific that the second one.