I’ve noticed quite a lot of sites with a huge amount of content on their main page rank highly for that page for multiple keywords.

Long gone are the days where people try to optimise one page for one keyword

My question is, since SEO can access the content from Ajax, it seems there would be a huge advantage in using this for Users and SEO. Users would get the benefit of not over crowding the page, and from an SEO point of view, couldn’t you ‘stuff’ (not keyword stuff) more content on your main page?

Is it worth redesigning my Main page of my site to incorporating Ajax from an SEO point of view?

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Not really, Most search engines not even support Flash yet, so Ajax is out of question.
They want pure text/info :)

I read somewhere on Google's blog that they now have rudimentary support for Flash, actually. Spoke to a Flash developer friend of mine and heard that it isn't that great.

Where did you hear that search engines can access Ajax content? AFAIK spiders can't execute JavaScript.

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