I currently own a few UK sites, and over the last year I’ve noticed a general trend that my income has been growing, even over the ‘credit crunch period’

Often in a time of recession, the first thing people do is lower the amount they spend on advertising. But the average Price of a click has really changed that significantly for me at all.

It’s a little hard to measure average price per click, since Google and provide a history of income, unless anyone knows differently?

So I’m wondering if my growth would have been significantly larger over the last couple of months

Are people experiencing a drop in all ppc incomes or has nobody really seen a significant difference?

Also, if anyone knows of some sort of tracking/managing software so I can track the average ppc per day over a few years (not just from adsense>> View payment history, since this could be misleading as my volume continues to increase)

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I also experienced dropping in all ppc incomes but I don't know other tool that can track your average ppc.

maybe u have visitors from different countries?!?

Yes I've heard a lot about increasing ones ad spends during a recession. This is great if you can afford it. As for noticing any difference...

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