I decided to challenge myself and use Bing for a week. I encourage you to use Bing for a few days and report your experiences on this thread. I sure will. If you already have been using Bing, what are your experiences.

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For some reason, bing insists on using the german version for me (which makes no sense as i live in england)

Bing is the same as what msn gave search results, now new about it.

Beyond the interesting start page, I agree with bettsnirvana. Although today's photo gave me pause as it was a stingray (or manta ray) and one of the hotspots on the photo referred to them as playful, social creatures. This is the same fish that stuck its tail through Steve Irwin's chest and killed him!

just like the old live search only with a good wallpaper

After live search engine change to Bing some of my keywords removed at first page.

So far, I noticed that my Firefox search engine right top box does not allow me to add a new search engine and none of the Microsoft's search engines are listed. So I manually went to Bing and no picture of stingray but I did like the suggested popular search terms. I clicked to the one on "Maria Belen Chapur". So far, let's see how Bing fairs with other search requests. Will keep you posted.

Bing looks better than Google. It is surely going to stay.

If you want to search something new on google, you wont be able to spot it. Google has so many filters which does not allow new webpages to appear quickly.

Bing looks better than Google

i love google's clean look.

I posted about it yesterday but if you have not seen it check out Google's Wonder Wheel project. Take this along with Google Squared (raw but should improve) and while bing may have pretty picture they are not half as innovative as Google.

Google's Wonder Wheel is very similar to a semantic search engine that I saw at a presentation some time ago. Don't be surprise if this wheel will be used by everyone in a near future. For some reason, the Lycos search engine came into mind, when Lycos had drop lists of different topics related to the search term. But back then it was not popularly used.

I found this interesting blog post from Max Kalehoff from Clickable on his blog:

Overall Response

* Bing is interesting and may develop a stronger position, but it’s got a long way to go to catch up to Google. However, it doesn't necessarily need to overcome Google to be successful.
* As evidenced by the bullet above, most observation and judgment of Bing is inherently relative to the experience of Google. Therefore, there is little evaluation of Bing; there’s only an evaluation of Bing AND how well it stacks up to Google (and nobody else).
* Google took a stance by being a search engine that keeps users coming back by efficiently and effectively sending them elsewhere. However, while Bing often sends you away, it often tries to keep people on the site. (Remind you of AOL?).

Well, I tried it for a week in the office and at home. Not impressed beyond the daily picture. On the other hand, my 12 year old daughter loves it and her friends do also. It looks like Bing might corner the Tween market. Perhaps they should have called the search engine Hannah or Jonas or after one of the vampires in Twilight!

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