I've spent a lot of time researching a new web host. The one I had my heart set on ends up having a lot of bad recent feedback and a not so good better business bureau rating. No links needed but can anyone post or PM hosts they have had really good experiences with?

I always ask for secure shell access as well as a dedicated IP as I have heard it helps not hurts with SEO. Fast tech support is always a plus. Thanks!

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Why didn't you think about hostgator.com
They have resonable packages and good customer support too.
I use them since 2006.
Personally I can recommend them.


Google devalues your website if your web host make your website unavailable for few hours in a week.


I use host gator only because they are cheaper,but I buy all my domain names from godaddy I would use godaddy for everything if they were a little more reasonable on price and plans as they have extraordinary customer support.

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