I have read through some threads, but my problem seems to be a bit different. I have designed a small website, but it is not being recognised by search engines although I have done some SEO, and submitted to google etc.

The strange part is that I can't even pick up the domain name when entered in a search engine. The URL works if you go to it directly, but isn't recognised by searh engines? Any ideas on what may be wrong?

<snipped URL>

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Better get a .com , put the website link in your signature , submit it to daniweb directory , it will get indexed fast.

The extension of the domain does not matter at all. Get backlinks from relevant sites that get crawled frequently and make sure you've got unique content.

Sometimes submitting a sitemap, and making sure your robots.txt file is valid helps (if you have one)

even i have submitted to various search engines but of no use. my site is

<snip url>

I agree. I don't think the domain ext is relevant, search angines should be able to pick it up.

I will try the other suggestions although I think this site is a fluke...all my other sites have worked with the same method as this one.

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I would sign up and use Google's Webmaster Tools. It's free, and it can give you vital information about how Google sees your site. You can also setup a sitemap in Webmaster Tools that helps let Google find your site.


i have done that. i use ggogle webmasters but still no use.

So I have now used google webmaster tools, added a robot.txt and sitemap and still no good after about 3 days... I can now get a search result for two of the site's pages when searching locally in South Africa, but I can still get no search results for the site's URL.

Any other ideas. Could it be that the domain name is blocked somewhere that I'm not aware of?? I have contacted my host and they say nothing seems wrong...

Please help

Is your domain in google sandbox? if it is it will take time to take out of sandbox.

What is the sandbox. Where can I check this?

It was registered a couple of months ago, but only went live in August and has not been picked up since.

just google "check if in google sandbox" you will get top few links to check same...

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