I would like to discuss some questions on article submission process with SEO professionals. What do you think about submitting the same article to numerous article directories? On the one hand it be very difficult task and can take a lot of time to write a unique article for each article directory separately, on the other hand search engines can consider such articles as content duplicate and therefore incoming links will not be counted. How to find the golden middle and to get the maximum benefits from article submission process? What keyword phrases it is better to orient articles on? What keyword phrases it is better to add to incoming link text? It is better to insert a key phrase existing at a website or the key phrase that doesn’t exist at a website? Thanks in advance!

I think the duplicate content issue is a big one. However, I'm a bit confused by your question. Article directory services? Is this like where you submit an article that is keyworded out and has links pointing back to you, for other sites to use to get free content? Like Constant Content or whatever they used to be called (haven't heard from them in years).

Regarding keywords ... don't keyword stuff :) I would choose key phrases that exist at the website ... it makes the article seem much more relevant and like it belongs there and isn't just there for SEO reasons.

Regarding keywords ... don't keyword stuff

Agree on this statement. Never put more keywords as it's a big NO in G.

Ok, if, for examle, my article is mainly oriented on key phrase 1 would you recommend to put this key phrase 1 into incoming link text? Does this key phrase 1 have to exists on a website page as well?

Yeah don't do keyword stuffing, it's important that your article be found for specific keywords. However, simply repeating your keywords over and over is considered keyword stuffing.

What keyword or key phrase density is desirable for an article?