Does anyone have the direct links to most of the search engines where I can submit my site? I remember it when I did it for my site <URL SNIPPED> however forgot to bookmark the pages where I submitted it to SEs and now I need to do it for my other site.

Apparently, the other site been up there for 6-7 months and search engines (robots or whomever) never picked it up.

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Many are of the opinion that manual submission to the engines is a futile practice.

Search engine bots should find and list you automatically. The best way to get this done is via static text links, such as directory submissions, blog posts, links from other sites, etc.

If your site is of value, the search engines should find you automatically.

.............If your site is of "value," ..

maybe thats why they haven't bothered picking up the other sites. :)

The one thing that people forget, though, is that it is valuable to submit an entry to the dmoz -- because otherwise they'll simply classify your site, and they might put you in the wrong place. This means directories like Yahoo might not rank you well where you want to rank well.

Google uses the dmoz as well.

I forgot -- the dmoz is the open directory project. Found at

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