SEO-Guy is doing a great job getting links to DaniWeb out there. My question now is how long before Google acknowledges this? Usually my PR fluctuates near the 1st of the month. Do I have to wait until July before I receive any benefit?

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You could see positive upward movement in the SERPS long before you see it reflected on either the toolbar's PR or in the backlinks that Google shows for your site. So keep an eye out for progress in the serps for your keywords. The next PR/backlink update is probably anywhere from 3-5 weeks away.

OK, cool, thanks. Yes, I was figuring it would be about 4 weeks away because it seems that they update near the beginning of each month.

PR is only good to leverage your site with link swappers. It really has nothing to do with real web page optimization. I have a PR7, but I can't even crack the 1st 2 pages of SERPs for [Arizona Web Design] (yet). Even though I am the highest ranked PR site of my competition beating me in the SERPs, I still am far behind some of them.

Did you leverage dev work for SEO-Guy's services? I would love for somebody to jump in and do my link building for me... it is such a pain in the arse.

-added- google usually updates PR every month-ish.

MMMMMMM work trades, actually I was so impressed with cscgal and her vB knowlege that I hired her part time as my new vB admin <<<little v Big B heh anyways, our arrangement should remain confidential (its actually pretty complicated) however if you would like to speak with me directly about work trades or anything else let me know VIA PM at my forum. Your a member arent you?

Oh btw Dani, your question about PR is that really there is no difinitive answer lol GEE seo guy that helps. But seriously we have seen non static update regiments sometimes an update will occur and then 2.5 weeks later BOOM another one. Sometimes we get stuck waiting circa 35 days.

Just to keep it simple I usually spit out once every 28-32 days but noone can really answer your question "correctly" we can only show historical data

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