Hi Everyone

I’m a noob to SEO and have been following various advice articles from the net to get a ranking on google with mixed success, but my main question is why google seems to only index my links page and not the pages behind it.

e.g. if I search for specific words on my links page, it is usually the 1st page returned :) however, if I search for words on my information pages which are linked as follows:

<span style="color: #0000ff"><a href="Info/myinfopage.htm" target="_blank">Info</a></span>

I get nothing, literally an empty google search page. These links work fine when clicked.

I’ve submitted a sitemap with all pages contained and this is successfully read with no errors every 5-6 days. I also have inbound links and have used trafficswarm.

Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong here?


You may need to put more efforts into it. If you want to index any of your page you can bookmark on some sites like digg, mixx etc. With in two days that page will be indexed (This really works for me) . But more important thing is to put quality contents on your website because google likes quality contents. Btw this also concentrate on getting quality backlinks.

Thanks for the reply. I'm doing this now and it is certaily helping!

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