Hai I developed a small forum for my website. It contains 3 Pages
1. The main page - This will show the complete threads and date.
2. The thread page - This page will shows a single thread and its answers.
3. Reply page.

All are working fine and all these threads and answers are stored in a database.

Actually my doubt is how to bring these threads in to Search Engine listing. For Eg : We had a thread called " Which is the best place to visit in Banglore " . And we got several answers. When we search in google .. that " Which is the best place to visit in Banglore " then this thread must show in google listing.......

I am very new to SEO. Please give me an advice.
Thanks in advance

my suggestion to your problem is that link those page through forum posting and blog commenting. so you can drive more traffic..

Thankyou for the kind advices

Maybe you can use rewrite to make your page be static,and now search engine could indexed dynamic pages.What should you do is keep on update your forum and build more relevant backlinks.

Today Search Engines are capable of indexing dynamic pages, i have experienced it for this web site: Buy Online Urdu Books. This is a dynamic online Book store.

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