I am going to build some links for my websites. Is directory submission still effective for SERPs and google pr? ( i read some news that it isnt effective anyway few months back).

Any experts here care to share their experiences and advices?


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If you are going to select the directories which have impressive listing, good page rank and popular one, the submission still worth.

It really depends on the popularity of the web directories. If the directories have high PR, they can really be beneficial to your site.

No, It is not that important these days. Also, there are very few dofollow as well as high PR directories (the inner pages would be of low PR anyway). But I suggest you should do it to your sites, since you would get at least slight advantage if you do it.


Yes, I think Directory submission is still very effective, most of the top internet marketers still use Directory Submission service to drive free traffic & get google juice..

Make sure you use popular web directories...

Make sure you use popular web directories...

Yep.. We just need to go with only top most directories. I don't think it's worth to spend time to submit your website in hundreds of directories.

Mass directory submissions to lots of worthless directories is a total waste of time. Focus on a few quality directories.

There are now other ways to get backlinks.

directory submission are important for high PR because it create back links and back links help generate high traffic on the site

Directories is not much important now . Few directories are good and you will get back links from it ...i will suggest you do Forum posting..it will works....

If you are going to select the directories which have impressive listing, good page rank and popular one, the submission still worth.

Not just any directory will do, you should also research its rankings and credibility.

Yes it is. Google is still offering PR and even doing it regularly!)

The directory links will always be useful, since they are one way votes and especially if the sites are actually some years old and have good PR.

By and large, the biggest reason that you should use directory submissions as part of your websites optimization and promotion is because of the fact that obtaining incoming links for your website is one of the most important ranking factors in the major search engines ranking algorithms, especially in competitive keyword markets. For instance, if you wanted your website to improve rankings in Google for keywords like "search engine optimization", "web hosting" or "car insurance", you absolutely could not get your website to move up into the top 10 in Google for these terms without a significantly large number of incoming links.

In competitive keyword markets it is impossible to maintain, or even obtain, good placement in the SERPs without obtaining a large number of backlinks to boost your global link popularity.

High PR directories are beneficial to your site.

High PR directories preferably with do follow links.

Directory submission is very helpful to increase backlink

Now days it is not much important Back links for inner page from other website thats most important

Directory submission is still effective though you have to wait long to get results. It usually takes two to three months before the administrator or webmaster approves your URL.

Directory submission is still effective to me unless the directory site approved me. It is important to check the ranking of that site

You can do it, and it will do u good, but try to avoid bulky submission services, as it is very difficult to check the quality of such directories.

In addition, there is no assurance that your web site will rank among these services.

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