You can submit your site through its submission form. But if you are asking if you can achieve 30th rank?, well then you are expecting things too fast. You got to do a lot of work to achieve that, and in such tough competition, its really tough.

Google boots frequently search new pages added to the web. You need not to submit your site

You don't need to submit your site to Google anymore. It's not necessary for SE bots will crawl it naturally. Don't waste your time on this task. Ping your site instead.

This link will take you to the add url page. however I would tend to not do that. Work on getting links pointing to your site. If you do that google will find you.

There are a lot of ways in order to get listed on Google. Here are some of those ways:

1. Search Engine Submissions
2. Build Links - back links helps your site get index. If you want your sub-pages get listed then deep linking helps.
3. Creating a sitemap - it helps your sub-pages get index.
4. Ping your site.

Just posting a link here will probably get you indexed, I didn't check for no follow tags, but really ... take your pick, there's lots of popular places that get indexed regularly.

They'll pick up your links if you just put them in a few forums, classified sites and blog networks (or better yet, make a youtube video and put your link in the side bar, you'll be indexed tonight).

Nice link here bro thanks for sharing

This link will take you to the add url page. however I would tend to not do that. Work on getting links pointing to your site. If you do that google will find you.

Thanks for sharing the information

Knowing it's a silly question maybe you could search google with " how to submit my website to google? "


Google finds you... you don't find Google

Can't believe this thread is so old and people are still posting...

^LOL, it is true!

So I think it is better to be fully prepared for goolge to find u!

Besides, it won't hurt if u submit your sitemap to Google!

If u want to submit your site, then submit to your website from another website, it crawl fast.......
it incrase backlinks and also google crwal your site fast......

Is there any need to submit your site manually to Google. Doesn't it crawl your site automatically.

google will find your site,
If you don't want to wait for eventually,
for there to be links to your site from indexed sites,
submit your site

google suggest submitting your site to google,
Google 101
in the google webmaster tools
nuff said

just submitting your site to googel will not got to do many things other than that to get recognized by google.

I think submit sitemaps to Google would help your sites in getting deeply indexed. For submitting, firstly you need to create an account with Google webmaster tool and then validate your sites using the code offered by Google. Lastly, submit your sitemap via webmaster tools. :)

You can submit your site in google by clicking on "submit your content to google" on , But submitting a site in google does not sure indexing in google. For indexing there are so many factors...

lol there's a simple question with a complex answer.

1. Dont submit your site to Google, it's a waste of time. Try to get some links to your site from other sites, this will get your site into Google quicker than submitting it.

2. Long answer. Try reading seo guys tutorial here:

Good luck.

Good idea friend. I'll try it thanks

submit your site to google is simple process by adding url in google addurl but this it take a lot of time to index the website. The best way is to submit sitemap to google is one of the fastest way and other is to submit site in digg. And make some quality links.

just add our button to get more people to your website or blog..

Just google the term you would find a lots of information regarding this.

Thanks for sharing useful links. I was also planning to submit my site to google news but wondering where to submit it. Now I have submitted it. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge

First, sorry for my bad English !

I don't know how to submit my site to Google ? And in first 30th rank ?

You can submit your site here:

If you want to get into your desired rankings then you have to promote your site through either of the following:

Search Engine Marketing
Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click

Submitting to google is waste of time try to do more offpage optimization by building back links for ur websites

I just typed "submit URL to google" and clicked search, there's probably a more technical way to do this.

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